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Brass Scupper Plugs PT. DEVSAAN INDUSTECH Terlengkap

Jual Brass Scupper plug IMPA 23 24 81 s/d 23 24 88

TERYAIR Scupper plug dibuat dari bahan Kuningan dan karet NBR kualitas tinggi, lentur dan tahan minyak.

  • Teryair Scupper plugs are available in a complete range of sizes and confirm to IMPA specifications.

  • They are the expanding scupper plug type and have to be inserted into the pipe or opening in the collapsed state.

  • Once firmly inserted, rotating the lever expands the rubber against the sides of the pipe/opening and creates a good seal to prevent ingress/outflow of fluid.

  • The rubber portions of the scupper plug are manufactured from an oil resistant rubber. Rubber sleeves can be easily replaced on any Teryair scupper plug.

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