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Pompa Turbine Sumur Bor PT. DEVSAAN INDUSTECH Terlengkap

Jual Pompa Turbine Sumur Bor V6

Aplikasi Pompa Turbine Sumur Bor :-

  • General water pumping / conveying used for various industries.

  • Spray and Injection water in sugar Industry.

  • Cooling tower Circulation.

  • Irrigation and drainage for agriculture.

  • Process and Cooling water pumps for power plants.

  • Fire fighting.

  • Tube well Irrigation / Open well Irrigation and River / Canal Irrigation

  • Sprinkle Irrigation

  • Urban Water Supply / Rural Water Supply

  • Domestic Water Supply in high rise building and Water Fountain.

  • Raw & Threaded water services / Mine Dewatering.

  • Fire Fighting Services.

  • On line Boosting

  • Oil / Petroleum Handling Services

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